Arik Boas Animation is a Tel-Aviv based animation studio creating fresh animation for advertising, broadcast and film. An ever creative approach, powered by uncompromising technical skills, dreams up original animation, tailor made to each project needs.



Osem | Commercial   Gifts of time | Music video
Animated kick-offs to Osem live-action commercials. An illustrated domestic scene smoothly transforms into live-action. Agency: Gitam BBDO. VP Creative: Shani Gershi. Director: Shahar Segal. Production: Paradiso Filmmakers. Post-production: JCSPP. Creative director at JCS: Dan Tomer. Design: Yaniv Shimoni. Animation: Arik Boas Animation.   A music video directed by Yariv Barel and Arik Boas for the Israeli singer Dana Berger at Tav 8 record company. Edited by Rafi Shor. DOP: Alon Grego. Music producer: Yossi Fine.
Hostr | Commercial   The Congress | Feature film
Introducing Hostr, an online platform connecting artists with audience, facilitating and coordinating independent home performances. Directed and designed by Arik Boas.   Retro-style character animation for Ari Folman's feature film. Animation director: Yoni Goodman. Art Director: David Polonski. Production: Bridgit Folman Gang (Israel), Pandora film (Germany) and several european co-producers.

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Orange | Commercial   Revolution 101 | Feature film
In a quirky, humorous tone, the Orange campaign emphasized individual usage patterns of customers, promoting a new service for optimized billing. Three spots were cost-effectively produced, with a print campaign. Agency: IPG Reuveni Pridan. Creative Director: Niv Horesh. Director: Arik Boas. Production comapny: Paradiso. Music: Ofer Meiri.   Doron Tsabari's feature film employs animation sequences to ruminate, accentuate and intensify ideas and emotions. Animation designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Itzik Cohen. Produced by Ori Inbar.
Clalit Health Services | Commercial   Doc Challenge TLV | Open
Part of the Clalit Health Services animated campaign, this spot promoted family care workshops. A key challenge was getting the right mix of sweet and blunt. Agency: IPG Reuveni Pridan. Production company: Rabel. Director: Gabriel Bibliowicz. Animation director: Arik Boas. Post-production: Gravity.   Doc Challenge competition allows filmmakers 5 days to make a short documentary film. The opening sequence runs a perpetual clockwise motion across changing situations, representing filmmaking against the clock. Directed by Arik Boas. Music by Ran Bagno. Produced by Ari Davidovich of Hypermedia for the Doc-Aviv film festival.
Jerusalem Film Festival | Open   Bank Leumi "digital wallet" | Commercial
The official opening sequence for the Jerusalem Film Festival 2010 designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jungle.   Bank Leumi's digital wallet services enablie money transfers via SMS. Director: Roni Kleiner. Production company: Mialma production house. Animation: Arik Boas Animation. Agency: Mccann Erickson. Creative director: Shahar Filler. Music: Tomer Biran.
Anyoption | Commercial   I Am My Brother's keeper | video installation
A frisky animated campaign produced for the online trading platform of Anyoption. Directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Irad Lee.   Commissioned by the Yad Vashem Museum for an exhibition commemorating 50 years of honoring righteous among the nations. Directed by Gabriel Bibliowicz. Produced by Shula Spiegel Productions. Curated by Yehudit Shendar. Exhibition design by Chanan De Lange.
Patiphon | Commercial   SkyApp | Commercial
A web commercial promoting an online distribution platform for music professionals. Designed and directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jonathan Falikman at Jungle.   Presenting SkyApp cloud computing services in a web commercial directed by Arik Boas. Sound design by Jonathan Falikman at Jungle.
Zoom | Open   Bsorot Tovot' (Good Tidings) | Open
'Zoom' was a television magazine exploring high and low culture, structured as a series of unrelated films, relying on its graphic packaging to establish a visual backbone. The raw quality and subversive feel were an effective branding device and won the PROMAX/BDA design awards. Produced for The Second Televison & Radio Authority by Roll.   The mockumentary TV show followed a local celebrity, torn between the lure of show-biz and the allure of new-age. The title sequence presented the characters as illustrated tarot cards, in a parody of a conflict between materialism and spiritualism. The series was created by Shai Avivi and Michal Livdinski, and was produced for Keshet by Sahar Productions.
July August Productions | Branding   Black Sheep | Branding
The typograpy based ident was designed with Tammy Oz for production company July August Productions - home of award winning feature films, documentaries and television projects.   An animated logo for "Black Sheep" production company.
The Chosen People | Open   Life as a rumor | Mini-series
The mini-series "The Chosen People", Hosted by Yaron London, tackles basic myths and conceptions of Israeli identity. Produced by Shula Spiegel Productions and Donna Productions for Channel 8, HOT. The open was designed and directed by Arik Boas. Music by Karni Postel and Tom Darom.   Motion sequences created of photos and archives for the autobiographical mini-series by Assi Dayan. Directed by Adi Arbel and Moish Goldberg. Produced by Amir Harel and Ayelet Kayit of Lama productions for Hot and Channel 10. Editor: Tal Rabiner. Producer: Michal eliav. Sound design: Aviv Aldema.
The Standards Institution | Facebook App   Will You Hear My Voice? | Theatre
A Facebook application promoting The Standards Institution of Israel. The app runs silly tests on Facebook friends to check if they meet standards. Agency: Ashkenazy Zalsman BSA. Producer and director: Roni Kleiner. Interactive design: Socialit. Sound design: Jungle.   Animated sequences for the award-winning children's theatre show, written and directed by Gadi Tzedakah. Produced by the Israeli Children and Youth Social Theatre. Music by Erez Yulevich. Set design by Zeev Levy.

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